Learn How Online Photo Printing Works

Why Has This Website Been Created?

It can be very hard and even confusing for people looking for companies that offer free photo printing. This site was put together to take away that confusion and provide an easy to use guide on the various online photo specialists that are currently available. As well as guiding you through the best special offers we also list the prices that you can expect to pay once your free photos have run out.

Why Can I Get Free Photographs?

The online photo printing market is extremely competitive so to try and get new customers each site must give some kind of special offer, this is usually free prints or credits. Once you have ordered your free pictures it’s hoped that you will return in the future to spend some money with them.

How Do I Get My Free Photos?

As each company is different you will need to check our reviews on the comparison page for detailed instructions.

Will I Be Sent Good Quality Photos?

Yes, all the companies listed have photography labs similar to any shop that you would find on the high street. However as with any other photos the quality will depend on the quality of the image that you send to them.

How Long Will I Have to Wait For My Free Photos?

The delivery time for each site is on average between 3 – 7 days

How Much Postage and Packaging Will I Have to Pay

This differs from site to site but on average you are looking at around £1 – £2 per order

Will My Free Credits Expire After a Certain Amount of Time?

Yes, on most sites your free credits will expire after 30 – 60 days so it would be best to get in and use them straight away or just register with each site as and when you need them.

What Price Will I Pay Once I Have Used Up All the Special Offers?

Each company differs but the lowest we have found is as little as 1p per print.

Will Buying a Photo Printer Get Me Cheaper Prints?

Probably not, although photo printers are fairly cheap these days the cost of the paper and ink will easily surpass the amount you will pay on buying your pictures online, especially if you are buying a lot. If you need your pictures quickly and you cannot wait up to 3 days to have them printed then a photo printer could be the best way to go although you will end up paying more.